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Detail of "Power Flower" Detail of "Power Flower" "Power Flower" Detail of "Power Flower"
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Mi oeste perdido | My Lost West (2004-2009)
:: a current series that incorporates photographic imagery from Ansel Adams and Edward S. Curtis, and the artist's informal shots of New Mexico, Arizona, and San Diego. The landscape paintings are created by using only three pigments: carbon black, titanium white, and yellow ochre.

In a World Where Butchers Sing Like Angels (2003-04)
:: based on images of tragedy that have been burned into our collective conscience by mass media; title is from Louise Erdrich's The Master Butchers Singing Club, 2003

The Color of This Life is Water (2003)
:: heroic figures, land and water swirl through eight panels layered with classical and contemporary references

The Garden Show (2000-02)
:: riffs on the representation of flowers and gardens of paradise

My Nature (1997-99)
:: meditations on the interconnections of man and nature

Burning Churches (1995-97)
:: based on the 1995 church arsons in the South

Incarnadine (1995-96)
:: portraits of female muscle and flesh

Meridian (1993-94)
:: an interpretation of American landscape based on Cormac McCarthy's novel Blood Meridian

Bloodstorm (1990-92)
:: an exploration the art of boxing, its cultural and sociopolitical aspects

Visceral Devotion (1987-89)
:: works about the phenomena of faith healing