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Lynn Schuette is a visual artist whose work includes paintings, drawings, prints and mixed media works. In her work, Schuette often explores the human body referencing a range of historical artworks from classical figurative to anatomical works. Her work is also informed by American writers from Willa Cather to contemporaries including Joyce Carol Oates and Cormac McCarthy. She is currently working on a painting series that deals with the indecipherable and incomprehensible quality of media war photographs.

Her recent group exhibitions include:

  • A Good Impression: A Century of Printmaking in San Diego,
    • San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego, CA;
  • SD'80/Work from the 80's by 12 San Diego Artists,
    • Flux Gallery, San Diego, CA;
  • The Lost Frontier, curated by Nicole Miller Coleman,
    • The Contemporary Arts Gallery, Las Vegas, NV,
    • Spruce Street Forum, San Diego, CA;
  • The 3rd Annual Invitational Drawing Show,
    • Earl and Birdie Taylor Library, San Diego, CA.

Her solo exhibitions include David Zapf Gallery, San Diego, CA; MAG Galleries, Santa Monica, CA; and Margo Kurtie Modern Art, Madrid, New Mexico.

Since 1987, Schuette has produced the following series of works:

  • Mi oeste perdido | My Lost West (2004-2009) — A landscape series using only three pigments; black, white and yellow ochre.
  • The Color of This Life is Water (2003) — heroic figures, land and water swirl through eight panels layered with classical and contemporary references;
  • The Garden Show (2000-02) — riffs on the representation of flowers and gardens of paradise;
  • My Nature (1997-99) — meditations on the interconnections of man and nature;
  • Burning Churches (1995-97) — based on the 1995 church arsons in the South;
  • Incarnadine (1995-96) — portraits of female muscle and flesh;
  • Meridian (1993-94) — an interpretation of American landscape based on Cormac McCarthy's novel Blood Meridian;
  • Bloodstorm (1990-92) — an exploration the art of boxing, its cultural and sociopolitical aspects;
  • Visceral Devotion (1987-89) — works about the phenomena of faith healing.

Lynn Schuette is also a recognized arts administrator/consultant. She founded Sushi Performance and Visual Art, in 1980 and was its executive Director until 1995. Sushi is a multidisciplinary arts program best known for introducing nationally-acclaimed performance and dance artists to the San Diego community including Karen Finley, Tim Miller, Rachel Rosenthal, Holly Hughes, Joe Goode Performance Group and the Black Choreographers Moving project. Schuette has served as a panelist and site evaluator for the National Endowment for the Arts and the California Arts Council. In 1992, she was named "Woman of the Year/Arts" by The San Diego Women's Times.