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The Color of This Life is Water
Panels #1-4 from the mural "The Color of This Life is Water" by Lynn Schuette at the San Diego Convention Center, Lobby A

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Panels #5-8

Acrylic/Canvas, 110" x 107" each
Currently installed at the San Diego Convention Center, Lobby A (as shown here)
Commissioned by the San Diego Public Library
Completed May 2003

Based on Renaissance color, the eight panels deal with themes that reflect fundamental human endeavors and achievements. Imagery in panels #5-8 includes a water/landscape anchored by design elements from the Hoover Dam, the human heart flanked by large sculptural fighures, a lily, the traditional symbol of rebith, and Prometheus, the hero from Greek mythology who stole fire from the gods and offered it to humanity as a gift of culture and learning.

Click here for a panoramic view of all eight panels of the mural.